Saturday, April 13, 2002
Literature, Arts and Medicine Database
Lynda, I know you'll get to this well before you'd get to an e-mail - and in any case, I can't resist a public plug for one of my favourite websites - the Literature, Arts and Medicine Database from the Medical Humanities Program at New York University. It is founded and maintained by a group of educators interested in the use of literature in medical education. It's searcheable and annotated, and I've frequently wished I had (a) time and (b) technical competence to do something like it for science and literature, extending my interest in women scientists in fiction to let me discuss Frayn's Copenhagen, a play about Heisenberg and Bohr that just blew me away when I saw it in London, and Snow's novels about scientists (and a couple of dozen others I have accumulated without trying; and to give me an excuse to go after more!).

What would I like to know?: Are you able to tell by looking at it, how it was done? Or how would you do something like it - which programs, where could I find out/learn? (I feel the need to get more in touch with my inner geek.) Could we do something like it for the resources section of the ORU? And would the Reading for the Future group be interested in developing something like it - or is there something like it already out there? (Broken link alert - the Developing Young Readers link off your revised UNBC page doesn't connect. The page itself is very nice).

And finally, not entirely disconnected with everything else - while trying to find out whether were any scripts out there that would let me set up threaded posts on Blogger (so I could collapse everything into one personal Blog, because I keep coming up with new ideas!), I came across a review by a scientist on tools for scientific collaboration on-line, which may be pertinent to you as educator, us as collaborators, myself as not-yet-lapsed scientist, and assorted readers; and with that preamble, here's the link to Jon Udell on Internet Groupware (I know that name; I just can't recall in what connection!).

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