Tuesday, May 21, 2002
Files uploaded
I have just finished uploading a bunch of RTF files generated from Word and AppleWorks into the depot. I put them in a separate directory, within the Far Arena one; you can inspect and shift them into the main one. Have fun! I haven't done a fix on Perry saying "If they want the station, I'll take the challenge," since it was only the station she was talking about. The rules of challenge for demesnes are clear enough, but what about stations, which often are held by lesser sevolites in the name of others ... over to you, Lynda, as final arbiter of things Gelack.

I like the STI "articlet" very much. Is it flash or fireworks? Have you linked it to your Reetion political system article. We will search and make consistent all references to the STI system in Arena; fortunately, we did not use them in TP. Typo: trigger has an e. And Yukari's Amel is winsome and a elfin. Does she know her way around Illustrator or equivalent yet? If she wants to take a crack at Erien, the two faces that best fit my idea of Erien are Ioan Gruffudd (Welsh actor, plays Horatio Hornblower on A&E), for the young Erien, and Elrond as he is seen in the Lord of the Rings (the actor looks quite different from the character - for one, he's blonde!) for the grim, mature Erien. Minus the knotted brow. When I saw the first Horatio Hornblower series I could see the overstrung, edgy brilliance of Erien on Kali station, winging it on inspiration and adrenaline and the knowledge that he cannot live with failure.

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