Wednesday, May 22, 2002
Hail and off to Van

Thanks for the files. Marking tonight, unfortunately. I would like to see Yukari do Erien, too. I'll direct her to the plausible models. She's put up another picture -- a take on Ev'rel -- which is also very pretty but Ev'rel is a harder looking, more intellectual type I think. Maybe I can get her to do Luthan. :-) Off to Van tomorrow evening for an all day admin pro-d event Friday. Might get a little time on my sister's PC in the evening but otherwise won't be back online until Monday night at the earliest.

Thanks for the "spello" notification. trigger is one of my banes. Just highlighted it in my little PC-side Merriam-Webster's. Want to talk with you one night about the STIs, before we make any final decisions about the nitty gritty and make adjustments. The page is done in Dreamweaver (layers) with flash animation buttons (available in Dreamweaver) and the STI animation made separately in Flash and inserted using Dreamweaver. Only got half the layers converted to tables before I put it up. Maybe it's no longer necessary to do that, though. Seems most current browsers can do layers. Opera had no trouble with them either way. Except I need to tidy up the sizes of things. I'll do that when I've got the definitions down and we've all agreed on the categories. Trouble with graphics-oriented work is it is harder to fiddle with sans mess. :-)

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