Tuesday, June 04, 2002
20 vs. 21
In school I'd get 90s in maths and 60s in arithmetic. I was not good at accuracy, and while maths contains self-checks (things often cancel out or can be reduced to simpler formulae), arithmetic doesn't. Which is on the way to explaining why we were talking about 2 different chapters.

Chapter 20a is uploaded, in its most recent edit, dated June3.
Chapter 21 does not exist in a complete form. I know we have batted bits back and forth, from a couple of different points of view, but I don't have anything like a complete set of bits. Do you?

I wish I could get my indexing sorted out. I blew up the content index about a year ago with all the downloaded HTML files I was stashing on my hard-drive. It was finding more words than were in the English language and would go asymptotic in its time-estimates and then run out of memory. Trying to get it to index select folders turned out to be more trouble than it was worth, because every blasted folder along a path had to be marked for indexing - and I have files buried six folders deep. Since then, the prospect of trying to locate anything just gives me that sinking feeling. I sink to the floor and lie there.

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