Monday, June 03, 2002
Chapter 20, and the wildlife
I have put back a tinkered-with Chapter 20a, dated today. Main tinkering was taking a shot at fixing the STIs, and paring down the business around the book. I thought it had to be briefer because Erien is not really paying attention. We should also put in the title - what is it? - to nail it down in the reader's mind. I aIso beefed up Ranar's parental judo.

I'm confused. Is it the file with May19 in the name but dated June 2? Or did I mess up and delete it somehow. (FYI I've been renaming files with dates in the actual name, and moving the previous version to previous.) Checked up the name of the nefarious book -- or play, at least -- in the Drasous chapter and while we don't exactly name it I think "Prince of Dem'Lora" would be appropriate.

My weekend wildlife encounters consisted of a ticked-off sea-lion, assorted seals and lots of kelp. Late on Saturday, seeing the weather so glorious and having spent the whole of day doing the MySQL intro, I signed on for a kayak tour around Oak Bay and Trail island on Sunday morning. It was a superb day for it: brilliant sunshine, very little wind, and not too strong a tide; the most chop we got was from the wakes of passing powerboats. A lone sea-lion expressed loud displeasure at having four kayaks of various sizes and yellowness trucking through his Sunday afternoon. Every so often, we'd see a seal impersonating an extra large kelp bladder, eyeing us. If you're down here before the weather turns autumnal I'll have you in a boat.

Wonderful. As Amel said to Ditatt when suggested fencing practice. :-<

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