Sunday, June 30, 2002
Far Arena Chapter 01 June 30
Just a few small deletions to good backstory not essential to the tension or set up for next few scenes.

I see; only tiny quibbles now you've shaved back the expository lump in the first page. I'm going to hold off taking a serious editing pass through until you're finished, because otherwise I'll be cutting and pasting from documents I've worked in, and we'll lose all sense of our changes in a multicoloured sea of criss-crossings and underlines.

Glad Blogger's back up again. Blogger was refusing to let IE log in, and of course, IE is the only thing I can use to post on Pro, since the only other thing they support is the latest Mozilla build that won't run on my OS 8.6; Netscape is giving me network errors as I try to pull up the web page that has the info for application to this course I want to apply for tonight, and as for trying to put my CV together, picture me rocking back and forth in my seat and singing in a demented little voice Wo-ord is poopy, Wo-ord is poopy, Wo-ord is totally, utterly poopy over and over again, because I am trying not to use the f-word more than three times in an hour. The utter inability of Word to allow one to change the left margin without completely resetting all the formatting - different for every set of entries - is bringing out the Dr. Emilio Lizardo* component of my personality.
*Mad scientist in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

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