Tuesday, June 18, 2002
Floating menu?
Since we're posting works in progress, here's where I'm at with the floating-sword menu I had talked about. It needs some parts and a bit of burnishing to smooth out the tip, true. I'm not satisfied with the colours - would like the text in red, but it just wasn't standing out well; would like a more interesting colour for the sword, but have to look my notes as to what the trick is to overlay a colour and get the grey to modulate the saturation - I used a "embossed gold type" technique I'd used and came up with something that was sunset gold. If you have a colour preference, say so.

And I know, alas, it is not a Gelack-style duelling sword. I don't know how to get print on the skinny thing! Any suggestions?

I like the divider character you've chosen. Sort of a four leaf clover thingie. Maybe a daggar would would work better? Or just stick with the "pointed bar" shape or a bar with tapered ends. Not sure what that would symbolize, exactly, but it looks attractive. Grey is good since it isn't too obtrusive (a menu shouldn't detract from reading the content) and I rather like the egg shell white letters. Don't know if any of that is helpful. :-)

Lynda Williams

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