Thursday, June 13, 2002
Higgledy piggledy
It is cooling off from a high of 30 here in Victoria (due to some configuration of pressure zones that contrived to draw air out of the interior to bake us), and the flat is becoming habitable now the sun has set. While it was too hot to mentate, and certainly to tangle with any characters, I decided I'd do some work on the site.


First I was defeated by my own storage system. Lynda, do you have a copy of the first Throne Price appendix, the one that contained short articles rather than sentences. I was thinking we should adapt them. I would have, if I could have found them.

Secondly, we have GOT TO make a decision on navigation. I like our indexes as we have them set up, but right now we have a mixture of things opening in the same window, new windows and Java pop up windows of at least two different sizes (for instance from the glossary) . I vote for stripping it back to plain HTML and opening new pages in the same window - that will allow a web-like series of links from term to term. Thoughts?

And getting everything that we actually have written linked to the index.

And we need to come up with a somewhat consistent layout. What's your favourite? My feeling is that we can use side-barred backgrounds for index-type pages, but for articles/entries we should go for a non-side-barred background.

This is probably a telephone project. Any chance this weekend?

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