Wednesday, June 05, 2002
I have sent you a FAX with my first shot at the description of our blog. I went through the blog ... would you be able to get the images on the archived pages reconnected?? Before someone looks at it?

I can look at it tomorrow, or ask David Lott to investigate. Up and down today with kids' flu bug, and saved the "up" parts for interesting videoconferencing types visiting from UBC re: Northern Medical Program planning. Very interesting and promising. These people have done this stuff before. :-)Glad of that. My experience to date with videoconferencing as a teching medium has not been confidence inspiring, but we're struggling with the "last mile" in our neck of the woods, and usually working with people spread too thin. (Lynda)

We also, I see, had a couple of weeks when NOTHING HAPPENED and we seem to have file-not-founds. Ah well, such is life.

I have spent the evening polishing a commentary introducing the medical genetics series for the CMAJ. I have one more committed thing to do - a review of a novel I've been hanging on to far too long. And then I'm back to writing with a clear conscience! Except for summer distractions like boats.

Last class for spring term of CPSC 150 is next Tuesday. Will be done marking by mid-June. But I'll be clear most nights before then to work. I was dreaming Chapter 21 things tonight, if that counts. :-) Lay down to let my immune system take around out of the virus in peace and dozed off with Tegan running a fevor in parallel beside me, until I woke coughing at 11:30 p.m. I badly want a transporter that filters out unwelcome bugs. (Lynda)

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