Sunday, June 02, 2002
Met a fox
Beautiful morning today so I took a walk. Just two blocks from home there's a strip of houses along the river bank. Went down a pedestrian walk way between them into an undeveloped area that transitions into a very natural park -- its parkness amounts mostly to a ban on development. At least I think it is a park area. There are some footpaths. I followed one and came up behind the house bordering the pedestrian walk way. Saw something slip up through the bush into the back yard of the house, but couldn't quite make it out. I was curious because it didn't move like a dog but the shape suggested something canine. I went back around and no sooner had I set foot on the pedestrian walk way when right there in front of me was a very handsome fox. He (or she) had black-tipped fur and a lovely ruff. He looked at me, decided I was too big to eat but didn't look dangerous, and loped back up the walk way and around into the yard he'd come through to go poking around in the grass near the back fence for something. He chowed down on something he found there, once, while I watched. Now and then he'd look at me as if to say, "Hmmph. You still here." Then he trotted off into the back yard of the river-frontage house and down the bank into the wild strip along the river beyond. I count that my second wild life encounter of the weekend, since I caught a cheetah on camera last night on :-) Given the nine hour time difference, it is best to check late at night for most things. Also saw a hippo in a lake on another camera but you had to look to see the head come up - eyes and nose only - then in the next 30 second interval it would be gone. (You can see "my" cheetah if you go to africam, visit cam replays from the menu and look for Sun 2 Jun 2002 07:46)

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