Saturday, July 27, 2002
Arena02jul27-LJW.rtf now uploaded. Presume you will rename Arena01jul23-LJW.rtf to Arena01mmmdd-AS.rtf when you've finished your pass through it? (Where mmmdd is the month and day part, natch.)

Confused ...
I need to understand this file name convention thing much better! Do the initials mean "I have had my go", or "over to you"? I thought they mean "over to you". So Arena01jul23-LJW.rtf is intended to be an "over to you." - ALISON

I hope I haven't been "changing the rules" on us but can't swear I haven't. My instinct is to assume the initials mean "she who last edited". Either will do, of course, but as you imply we must agree on it. :-) Here's my take on it.

  • Only ONE copy in working directory at any time. This copy is always the most recent copy.

  • Files with initials were last submitted by that person on the date indicated.

  • Before working on a file, copy it into previous directory

  • When completed, rename to reflect new date and your initials. Upload to working directory. Delete copy with older date and other author's initials (there should be a copy in previous if needed.)

  • If you comb through a file with the other author's initials on it, and don't make a single change, rename it with new date and NO initials.

I am to blame for being sloppy and uploading files without initials a few times, then just notifying you on the blog that your input was wanted. And perhaps this is all too elaborate? My thinking was "while it has an initial on it, it is a tacit declaration that the file is the-chapter-according-to-author-N, then when neither of us wants to tinker any more, the file is just the file. I need the dates to change to keep track of what's new and what isn't. I just find it easiest if the date goes right into the name.

I promise to be good and abide by my own protocol in the future if you buy in. Or to abide by your alternative if you prefer.

Here's an example of how I am thinking it would work.

  1. Arena01.rtf (original starting point from first draft)

  2. Arena01jul23-LJW.rtf (Lynda's pass through it, completed jul23 and uploaded for Alison's inspection.)

  3. Arena01jul27-AS.rtf (Alison's pass through, adding new changes, removing some of Lynda's, etc.)

  4. Arena01aug02-LJW.rtf (Lynda's next pass with slight changes driven by style sheet, etc.)

  5. Arena01aug06.rtf (Completed 2nd draft with date left there to distinquish it from original first draft, peg progress and clue us in as to which files in previous to resort to if editor re-writes call for restoring some material or using alternative we already have in previous.)


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