Tuesday, July 30, 2002
Arena03 done, my pass
Haven't got to the AS-marked chapters but re: non-ORU-isms, not sure we want to be too strict about that. Every word in the English language is tied, originally, to specific circumstances in the history of the language. Blatant ones, fine. Or ones of recent origin which still evoke same. But how many readers or modern speakers of English think of world war one battlefields when someone is called a 'basket-case'? And denuding our usage of foreign phrases like faux pas will either impoverish our expressiveness or invite the use of yet more Gelack, which readers have limited tolerance for. Not quibbling about the specific decisions--which I haven't reviewed--but wondering aloud about how rigorous we are going to get. Personally, if a term is part of the language I think it is fair game--unless, as mentioned above, it is new enough to strongly invoke specific, modern circumstances that would jar. I do agree that if there is some established or fairly obvious Gelack equivalent we should use that. Instead of 'basket-case' for example, Gelacks would tend to draw on post-flight or dueling analogies in ways that Reetions wouldn't except (in the case of the post-flight variety) in spacer sub-culture.

Concur re: doing an edit for the explicit purpose of reading aloud. That's useful.

Concerned about your eye problems (as related on the phone). That's brutal. Allergies perhaps? Always my first 'culprit' on the list of suspects. :-)

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