Sunday, August 18, 2002
Been through it, accepted most changes, though you may not explain kinf'stan reproductive politics through Erien! As far as he's concerned that's TMI! I also trimmed the explanation of Dorn, since Dorn came on stage in the revised version of chapter 1. I liked Ranar freaking out about the prospect of Erien doing the Gelack thing - and Erien thinking 'huh?? Why should I?' It looks like becoming a standing sort of joke within the series that Erien, who Does Not Accept Fighting as a Solution, seems to wind up going toe to toe with the kind of people that 90% of the rest of the population would back away from verrry carefully and respectfully.

Didn't register that I had pawned such explanations off on Erien. Oh, to be able to footnote.Glad the Ranar/Erien dynamic worked for you. I liked that, too.

Lynda Williams

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