Saturday, August 24, 2002
Aug 30, 2002: two appointments

ORU Promo Disk

9 am I must do a meeting with Denis and Muntener to give our input for the promo disk. I hope to have it available for VCON in Vancouver and also for the PG Book Nook event, presuming I get my act together to register for that again. This means we must get in at least a short talk or exchange of ideas BEFORE then.

Frozen Ice Interview

Betsy Trumpener, CBC, has booked me for her ice-breaking Frozen Ink interview at 10:30 a.m. I need to capture a couple of Alison audio segments before then. About 1 minute on your favorite "working together" anecdote, and about that or a bit more of a typical conversation between us to do with co-authoring, or an answering phone message from you, on same. She will take what she wants, but may use both, also. The conversation one possibly as lead-in to an equally short interview with me, and a fade out. She will also use Jennifer's Unborn recording. Total time will be 6 minutes.

I know we are both working a lot at the moment but I'm excited about doing both things. Expect me to be littering your phone mail. :-)

Frozen Ink is Betsy's initiative. (That is also a working title, I'm not sure she's decided yet for sure.) She will be doing a series of interviews with Northern writers. She's one herself, with at least three prose pieces in print literary journals. A fourth piece can be sampled online in Reflections on Water. See Betsy's ROW Biography entry. A google search turns up two pages of references for Betsy, in connection with literacy and her CBC journalist day job, such as Through a wilderness of suffering: The Bear's Embrace, recounting a grizzly attack.

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