Wednesday, August 07, 2002
The Gibson Collection
'Tis a good time to be going to an SF Convention in Calgary.

The UofC Library has just been given the entire lifetime's collection of a 92-year-old local man, William Robert Gibson, 30 000 - 40 000 books and magazines covering from the 19th century on, meticulously catalogued, boxed and preserved, including vintage pulps on acid-filled paper. The librarians - wonderful people! distinguished by complete lack of snobbery about the nature of rare material! - are ecstatic. They also need money - half a million, they reckon - to get it all unboxed, cleaned, catalogued and appropriately stored. It won't be circulating, because of the fragility - so I bet the next project will be scanning/photographing.

So I expect we'll hear plenty about that in the con. Eat your heart out, Merrill Collection!

- Alison Sinclair, MD, UofC Class of 1999!

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