Saturday, August 24, 2002
I owe Garth an "Thank You"
Can't imagine why it took me this long to burble on the blog about this, but WOW. Guess what Garth Frizzel did for me? He gave me a present of six T-shirts with the cover of Throne Price on the front and on the sleeves a Garth-origional logo that reads "Born to Rel" with the word "Born" crossed out and "Bred" put in instead. David's comment was: "He's got it." :-) I will document with scanned image ASAP and intend a proper "thank you" on the ORU site, too. Owe the Conversion 19 folks one of those, too. And Brian, for the lovely cover and the launch. Don't think I've ever done a formal "thank you" for Brian. Guess I think of him as a constant. Is being taken for granted a compliment or an insult? But the lovely covers and the launch would be a good place to start redressing the omission.

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