Sunday, August 25, 2002
ORU Promo Disc
I think we'd be far better off shooting for Worldcon in Toronto next year, and giving ourselves time to do proper planning, get some dedicated time together to work out what exactly we want to do, and how to make the most of both the professional skills of the PG crew and our own abilities - starting with the planning now, of course. The audience at TorCon would be much, much larger and international; the CDs would see a far wider distribution, and the potential rewards in terms of audience are greater. I doubt Far Arena will be out by then, but it should at least be into production. If we get it finished soon!

I let Roman at D&M know by e-mail that need not rush for the VCON deadline. I think I may back off on my plans to do a reading at Books and Company in PG, also, until after things calm down at the U, with the new semester start up and all, and until Throne Price is available on

Lynda Williams

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