Wednesday, August 07, 2002
Respectable scientific stuff
Two of my articles on medical genetics have made it into press at the CMAJ this week. This from the series I got started on back when I was Editorial Fellow, and then guiltily let languish a while. But they're there, the first The Very Youngest Science is a commentary introducing the series, and the second Genetics 101: detecting mutations in human genes is a potted review of current methodologies, and it was a brute to write. It went through 3 major drafts and 2 minor ones, and originated as 2 papers. Thereby proving the key is not in the writing, but in the rewriting. And the rewriting.

Haven't done the "Detecting mutations..." article justice but did take a look. Of course I thought immediately about genotyping. Strikes me that the need for good reference material would be a reason that proper geneotyping is seldom done anywhere but court. A discrimination would only be as good as the expertise, technique and templates employed. ??


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