Saturday, September 07, 2002
Ameron's coterie
I suspect Iarous would have been more poised and less vulnerable in the scene with Sen; she's likely to have said herself what Amel said, about "you'd be surprised what 'relpul know". She does enjoy keeping him off balance.

I have been reading too much Sherlock Holmes. Here's the very beginning of something:

"We need to keep a record," says he.
"Yes, My Prince," says I.
"Make it truthful," says he.
Which leaves me, Branstatt Monitum, his loyal errant and appointed chronicler, pouring myself another glass of Turquoise and wondering how by all my mismated ancestors to go about 'being truthful' about this mess of lies, evasions, misdirections and manipulations - and that, by the way, just describes our side.

I now know who Ameron's fourth 'relpul is. He's an undercover operative, seconded to Ditatt to keep him away from trouble, trouble away from him, and Ameron appraised of what 'Tatt is stirring up.

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