Wednesday, September 04, 2002
Ideas for the CD
Thus far, I've collected the following ideas for what to put on the CD Rob and ... ack, I left my notes at work. I think it's Vince... will be doing for us in time for World Con. We were told not to worry about what was doable, in the brain storming stage. That'll come later. :-)

  • Alison: draggable rel-ship used to navigate reaches with jump transitions

  • Alison: icon or bookshelf holding planned works, with current novel zooming into its place in the sequence

  • Mica Currie: audio clips of Gelack pronounciation

  • Mica Currie: 3D virtual tour of Under Gelion (#1 choice)

  • Mica Currie: cockpit simulation

  • Lynda: Reetion STI illustration -- maybe interactive with "click for event or change of setting"

  • Lynda: Dramatized reality flying (either set pieces of typical ship-to-ship interference or "fly your own")

  • Lynda: Extracts from works published or in progress; full text of Mekan'stan novella and maybe Kath novella

  • Jennifer: Unborn and the song for Cher'stan that she's working on

At the meeting last week at Denis and Muntener we also knocked around ideas to do with house braid, merchandising materials like jewelry or coffee mugs, an octagon as part of a "whole page" menu, screen savers and wallpaper (two wallpaper images already on "home grown" CD.

An important feature would be a slide show featuring people who have "crossed pathes" with the ORU at cons, readings, etc.

Tentative Transmission Date for Frozen Ink Piece
Monday 7:20 Sept 9th

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