Saturday, September 07, 2002
Overheard in Bolens bookstore
"It's all fantasy. I can't find anything historical."
And I looked at it, and indeed it is all fantasy, including reissues of Le Guin, McKinley, Diane Duane, even Robert C. O'Brien - a whole mob of old friends in bright shiny new covers that have crowded out the infestation of teeny-romances and Worthy Social Problem Novels that was making the children's section such an unappealing place.
I smirked.
Though I must admit I am a little envious of the cover art today. Either the new technology makes it easier, or the stiffer market requires it, but there seems to be much more beautiful cover art around. The American covers for my first two solos are even more awful in retrospect, though the British ones were very handsome. My favourite is still the original cover for Blueheart. It was elegant in its simplicity.
I know what I'd like on the cover of Opal, if it ever comes to press: Noon and the imajn, in white, black, blue and orange/vermilion.

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