Tuesday, September 17, 2002
The Silence
No Alison. No Lynda. What a September! One whole week of silence on the blog.

Newspaper and radio (CBC) coverage of Throne Price book launch this week coincided with coverage of my nomination in three categories for "Today's Woman" awards. Going to have to start measuring my head for signs of swelling in the mornings. But more sleep would be nice! And more time to write. That's not the glare of fame keeping me from both, of course, folks. Just a convergence of life and work crises, deadlines and meetings in Vancouver. I have to get up before 5 a.m. tomorrow. And planning for an AGM tonight. Like Arthur Dent I think "I really must do something about my life style." Fear the silence from Alison implies she has been hit by the same sort of crunch at work.

Haven't heard from you much on e-mail, either, since we last talked on the phone.

Prince George to Victoria, come in Victoria... are you keeping your nose above the work load?

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