Sunday, September 08, 2002
This and that
... at least the cover of Throne Price is in the "bright shiny new" category. :-)

Uploaded my pass of chapter 8 this morning. Tipped a couple of the descriptions of Erien's condition towards rel-osh vivid competence vs. human giddy weakness. Hope that jives with expectations. I think that scene was one we'd done only in patch work before. Few places where the action needed to be better integrated because of that unavoidable issue when working back and forth in chunks. Take a look?

Heard something on the radio yesterday that jog loose a thought or two about new publishing, also. That plus a visit from Peter Thompson, at work. Peter had thoughts to share about changes in the field towards digital means of keeping books in print with a "fewer sales per period but available over longer periods" model, and the small transactions nature of good online profit plans for digitial publishing. On the radio I heard a feature about the one big African film festival. Just at the end, after airing the predictable string of frustrations about doing Hollywood style production in a country without the raw materials, either in trained personnel or sheer equipment, they tacked on a bit about low budget, made in Africa, video productions which were starting to take hold. The producers are able to make enough via their own homegrown net of distribution-to-VCR-tape avenues, to be able to make the next video. Nobody gets rich, but stuff gets done and people get to see it. According to the show, which aired on CBC, the one really big slick African movie (which was not funded by African sources but had African actors, settings and an African political / history theme) has not played much in Africa because the theatres can't afford to buy it!

PS Read a few articles on the the SfN URL you posted earlier. Nice format. Very readable. Good length.

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