Thursday, October 10, 2002
Keys, and other matters
Lynda, please don't forget my keys! David, attach them to her and don't let her come up with any better ideas!

I have figured out how Erien will disgrace himself at the end of TMWTLS. It involves a large mug of hot chocolate, the grand Demoran pavilion, and a bit of misplaced engineer's enthusiasm. Whether he'll break any bones remains to be seen. If I can finish doing my homework for v-con, that scene might get written.

So far I am doing panels on The Future of Medicine, Triumph of the Adequate (I think that's the title), and Hard Characterization. The latter two require homework. The former merely requires getting my head together.

JM Straczynski (Babylon 5) is coming to V-con. I was on a panel once with him - had two terribly fannish moments. After publically saying how great I thought his structures were, I then quietly took him to task afterwards for modelling lousy first aid. I yell at the screen every time Marcus picks the critically injured Ivanova up without C-spine precautions. He's a ranger, for pity's sake. (I know, it's all imaginary - see what I mean, a fannish moment - but it's out of keeping with the character's training, and I do have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about how poorly TV models behaviour in critical situations) ... I think I hope JMS does not remember me! But I also want to know that he's working on something substantial. I have the impression he burned out trying to keep B5 going despite never knowing what was going to happen from one season to the next re: funding. But I have never heard that he has made excuses or compared the work he did with what he might have done. He's stands behind the work as it is; no excuses. And the very best of Babylon5: "Severed Dreams", "The Coming of Shadows" and some of the other great episodes is a masterclass in set-up and follow through of scenes. If you look at "Severed Dreams", each scene sets up a question that is answered in the next. Not to mention the shades of grey, the movement of characters back and forth between light and shadow, the fall and redemption of the most unlikely people.

I feel more fannish moments coming on.

Speaking of fannish moments, if you're finished with it, and can fit it in your bag, Lynda, could you please bring along Diplomatic Immunity.

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