Wednesday, October 09, 2002
People walking around in the attic of my mind
By the time I got to work this morning, I had Erien and Ditatt hanging out in my mind, having a heart to heart. I think Erien will go to ground on Monitum after Amel and Luthan get back from Demora - and Ditatt will track him down. I was having trouble getting him to let his guard down enough for the scene I wanted when he was anywhere else, no matter how much Turquoise he drank! And the library in Monitum would give Ditatt in turn the liberty to come out with the two questions that Erien never wants to answer. I did not want to leave the whole murder/investigation begun in Throne Price hanging - that has to be resolved somehow, or it would seem gratuitous, and that might be the one place that 'Tatt, who has been grimly pursuing the truth, and running into stonewalling from Erien, Amel, Ameron and his own Captain of Errants, may finally get the answer he wants. Though goodness knows when I'll get to the scene I want to write. Although I shouldn't gripe - I was off doing other words.

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