Wednesday, October 16, 2002
Tell Me When to Look Serious
After the fact, I decided I was being a bit of a lead boots about some of the "roll over" suggestions Alison made, for the promo CD, while we were hole up pondering the possible in her room. So for penance I took a crack at disjoint rollovers in Fireworks today. Forgot to pick Jennifer up from choir in the process but that's another story. Used the opening for "Tell Me When To Look Serious" in the "web heap" form we've been discussing on the phone lately, just for fun. All it is at this point is a fascade with almost nothing beyond that, but it is something to start building out from. Won't link it into the site explicitly until it is more than that. Maybe XMAS we can work on it a bit? So long as I am good about getting through loads of Far Arena at the same time.

Here's the Fireworks-generated front page with disjoint rollovers.

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