Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Brianna sent me a preview of the homepage for her new project, "All About Amel", a web site that is accepting donations of material from readers and writers and other contributors that is "about Amel". I've been sending her snippets (out-takes and other bits and pieces) that I am unearthing from text sketches and scene explorations which never made it into print. Maybe some previews of things destined for print, as well. K. said she might write a conversation with Amel. I've volunteered to get Amel to answer questions sent to Brianna for him (or to Von, his younger personna). :-) So long as they are in good taste, folks! I have to maintain good relations with him as well. :-) Brianna is using my favorite Amel picture of Yukari's for the homepage. Stand by! More to come.

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