Saturday, September 16, 2006
Cover Art for Second ORU Anthology

Cover Art for Okal Rel Universe Anthology #2 by Steve Swanson Just received the finished cover art for the second Okal Rel Universe anthology, edited by John Preet. The artist is Steve Swanson. Pretty cool, huh? The ring has an organic look about it and the black in the center of the ring represents space with the rel symbol bursting out of it. We sort of have a jump-thing going on behind the symbol. The sword speaks for itself, except that Steve took care to make it echo the rel symbol and the organic element. Very classy.

Progress with the stories is coming along too, honest. John is waiting for me to get my act together, here, for a next pass. Collided with final prep for Righteous Anger which is also very close but was going to be done by now. Sigh. Books are just like software projects. No matter how long you THINK everything is going to take, it aways takes just bit longer. But it will all be worth it!

... I'll add a w-o-w for
Steve's anthology cover, great design. Kathy P

(From e-mail exchange with KP)
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