Thursday, September 28, 2006
KP proofs RA

Update on Righteous Anger progress

Much, much thanks to Kathy Plett (KP) for putting her excellent proof-reading expertise at my service for the post-professional editing stage (by Richard of Edge) of production for Righteous Anger. It will be proofed again by Edge, I know, but KP has been a pillar for me forever and does this sort of thing in her professional capacity as a library director, as well. Every pair of eyes helps! I am mega grateful. Since proofing means reading the MS I also can't resist sharing her feedback to me, via an e-mail message, on the book itself which features Horth Nersal.

I really have enjoyed this book, a wonderful
character study, Horth is an interesting mix
of simple (straightforward) and complex thinking,
I just love the way you bring him along and
the ending is just smashing. Also, great title,
perfectly conveys what it's about. Well done once
again! Let me know when I can buy the book.

Cheers KP

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