Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Praise for All Amel website from Patsy
>From: Patsy Crawford
>To: Brianna (re: All Amel website)
>Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 14:02:32 -0700
>HI Brianna
>I have loved Amel since I first read Courtesan Prince and then devoured the
>other novels and shorts just to see a bit more of him. He is the ultimate
>human. He is such a great character with his contradictions; completely
>humble in spite of his perfect genealogy and as empathetic as a mother with
>his history of abuse, his doubts about his own skills when he is always
>more than capable. He remains so attractive in spite of his lack of
>traditional male hero attributes that he actually becomes more of a hero
>than they could ever hope to be. His beauty is a hindrance to him rather
>than an asset but it reflects what he actually is to all of his fans out in
>the real world, a beautiful hunk of a guy. I know his fate is always
>complicated and convoluted but when Amel is vindicated all of us who have
>ever suffered feel vindicated as well. He is goodness overcoming the dark
>side in spite of his fears and doubts. His weaknesses allow us to feel his
>pain and his gains yet he is so very much more than all of us. With his
>great big heart he is always giving more than he takes. Amel is a beautiful
>human and I will always love him.
>Thanks for the wonderful website

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