Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Guest Speaker on Bioengineering Mankind

Okal Rel saga author Lynda Williams was the featured guest in Lyn Benne's University 101 class at the University of Northern B.C., in Prince George, on the evening of Jan 24, to discuss her novella The Lorel Experiment. The Lorel Experiment documents the origins of the bio-engineered super-pilots, known as Sevolites, who are the focus of the Okal Rel saga. Ideas about the value of making changes to the human genome to cure age-old problems of short-sighted planning and instincts as old as life that can endanger a species now empowered by science to be capable of mass destruction, are addressed in the story, together with a dramatization of what could go wrong. Students will discuss the Lorel Experiment with reference to ideas in professor Margaret Somerville's best-selling book The Ethical Imagination, which is part of the CBC Massey Lectures.

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