Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Big ORU "thank you" to LTUE organizer Charlene Harmon and English teacher Elizabeth Woods for their respective roles in letting the ORU soul-touch LTUE just a little bit this coming weekend. Charlene accepted a package and agreed introduce the ORU to fellow teachers interested in Sci Fi and creative engagement. Among other things, she has copies of flyers promoting Brianna's quest for illustrations for the "Flight Cycle" online novella. Elizabeth Woods donated her script for dramatizing a passage of Courtesan Prince for reader's theatre, which I have passed along to Charlene for the use or inspiration of other teachers with creative writing classes. (See Elizabeth in action at a reader's theatre event in 2002 based on the ORU novella Mekan'stan. Sadly, no pictures for the later one.)

What's LTUE? Notice about it from RFF list is reproduced below to answer that question.

Subject: [RFFNorthwest] Life is this week

Just a reminder that "Life, the Universe & Everything 25: The Marion
K. "Doc" Smith Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy" (LTUE) is
February 15-17.

Over 100 hours of panels, presentations and workshops on various
aspects of science fiction and fantasy.

Saturday is an Educator's Conference on Using Science Fiction and
Fantasy in the K-12 Classroom.  This is for teachers, educators,
librarians, media specialists, parents and anyone interested.

Information and a complete schedule is at

LTUE is free.

Charlene Harmon

From RFF (Readers for the Future) list Feb 13 Digest

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