Monday, February 05, 2007

With Garth's permission, from his latest edition of BCSFAzine. Reproduced here because it made me laugh and sympathize. There seem to be forces of [pick-your-favorite-evil] in the world that are destroying habitat for the "literate, intelligent gang" in many quarters. Could it have something to do with the decline and fall of western civilization? The rise of bread and circuses? Cultural adoration of the dumb, mean and pretty? Or mere obsolescence of the breed. Kudos to Garth for a morale-raising whine.

Why Garth Here

If Garth diss BCSFA, and Garth diss VCon, maybe you ask what Garth
expect? What fans say fandom be?

Way back when, like before 1980s, many fans think fandom be
community. You savvy community? Whole buncha people have something
in common. Even in 1980s, Garth not only fan who think fandom be
community. Yes, this look stupid now. Garth not only smart fan think stupid

What community do? People blong community do lots of things
together. What fandom do? People blong fandom do lots of things, not do
things together. Not always. Not all fans.

Way back when, fans say fandom be literate gang, intelligent gang,
original and creative gang. This why Garth came here. This not what Garth
find. Where those fans go?

Fans out of town do some good stuff together. Ottawa fans still do
APAs. You savvy APAs? Garth explain APAs sometime. Ottawa and
Montreal fans do theme meetings, have guest speakers, do movie previews.
What we do?

Fans in town do some good stuff sometime. Maybeso fans not tell
Garth. Why for fans not tell Garth what happening? Maybeso Garth talk
wrong, dress wrong, smell bad? What? Maybeso fans here be cliquey. Still
could * talk * to Garth. Least they could do. Garth too old for high school

Maybeso you wonder why Garth write like Tarzan? Because when Garth
talk to you all like normal person, very few listen.

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