Thursday, May 31, 2007
Sketch of Amel in envoy period by Krysia colorized by Lynda Williams Click the image for larger version in the gallery.

Krysia sketched this tribute to Amel at school during a break. Lynda added color and the decorative elements on Amel's vest. The multi-colored embroidery on the neck of his vest is an attempt at his braid - blue for Blue Demish, Gold for Golden, Red for Vrellish and just a dab of brown in it for Lorel. (He is about a third each Blue Demish, Golden Demish and Vrellish.) The fern on his vest is the symbol he wears while flying as Royal Envoy for Ameron. The brown fern is the symbol of House Lor'Vrel. Krysia is Amel's first big fan and the author of the story "Ladylike" in Okal Rel Anthology 2, a collection of stories written by new contributors to the Okal Rel Universe and edited by John Preet. (As of May 31 2007 that book is at the proof-reading stage.)

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