Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sketch of Okal Rel Universe character Balous by Richard Bartrop
Artist Richard Bartrop recently treated members of the ORU's First Expansion to some sketches of ORU characters that tickled his fancy. I've got one up on the gallery so far (click the detail shown here for the whole thing). Richard and I are talking - well, thinking at least - about possible projects to engage his talents.

BTW one and all, art in the rough is always welcome for sharing on the "workshop floor": from pros, gleeful enthusiasts and everything in between! See examples on the ORU Gallery . We all play with the material and I enjoy seeing glimpses of what it inspires in others. The "First Expansion" refers to the private mailing list friends@lists.okalrel.org where the crazy creatives and promotional supporters of the ORU hang out and keep me ticking over. Membership is by invitation but open to anyone of good heart who makes a contribution on one of many fronts. See our help wanted list for stuff we are currently buying, begging, driving to completion or noodling around with in a dreamy fashion.

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