Thursday, May 10, 2007
Okal Rel creatives celebrated the completion of the first comic illustrating the House of Em with Demish Tea at the Empress Tea House with Brianna and Lynda May 2007

A small band of Okal Rel Universe creative crazies joined Lynda for Demish Tea, at the Empress Tea House in Prince George last weekend, to celebrate delivery of the first ORU comic to Windstorm Creative by artist Brianna Thomas.

Detail from opening of Brianna Thomas's illustrated version of Okal Rel Universe comic The House of Em featuring Amel as a boy

Brianna's comic adaptation of the House of Em by Lynda Williams features Amel's life as a child on Gelion raised by Mira's mother, Em, in the attic of the gorarelpul college. (The novella is 3/4 finished and in the queue for Lynda behind delivering book #3 in the ORU saga, Pretenders, to Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing by the end of the summer.)

Camera shy Brianna attacks an innocent shortbread

The camera-shy Brianna objected to photos but Lynda was able to capture her assault on an innocent shortbread towards the end of the event so that the hand of the artist might feature here if not the face. The black shirt in the background belongs to Brianna's friend, John. Virginia O'Dine of Bundoran Press dropped in to visit. Also in attendance were Mel, Krysia, Lynda and Jennifer.

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