Monday, July 30, 2007
Book 3 Pretenders - MS Done
Manuscript for Book #3 of the Okal Rel Saga, Pretenders, completed by author

Yesterday, I finished cleaning up the manuscript for Pretenders, as phase one of getting the document ready for the publisher. It will now be proof read by wonderful, willing members of the First Expansion and their corrections input prior to its delivery to Brian Hades of Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy at ConVersion in Calgary this August.

Pretenders, Book #3 in the Okal Rel saga, features POV characters Amel,Ayrium, Di Mon and Ev'rel. The central question of the plot is who will fill the empty throne of the Gelack empire. The personal challenge for the characters caught up in that struggle is how to sustain a false front, when their true selves are always threatening to burst out. Amel, raised a commoner, wants to survie as a highborn. Ayrium must make friends at court to protect her home. Di Mon must swear to whoever will keep the empire strong, despite his personal inclinations, and juggle his feelings for the Reetion, Ranar. Ev'rel puts on a "Demish woman" act to keep the support of Silver Hearth. Everyone is his/her own worst enemy in maintaining false fronts, even before their plans are scrambled by the outcomes of duels and the awakening spirit of a legend.

Amel Snippet

Amel was speechless.
A wife? A princess? he thought. Just like that?
All the places inside him that ought to react to a thing like that felt numb.
Ev’rel patted his hand. “Close your mouth, dear, and don’t fret. You can thank me later. Now I must go back to my guests. Can I trust you to behave until you are sent for?”
He nodded. It seemed the only way to get rid of her.

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