Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Righteous Anger reviewed by Ronald Hore on CM June 2007 edition Okal Rel Universe believers everywhere extend thanks to Ronald Hore for his review of Righteous Anger on CM Magazine. Just discovered the review this morning but it came out in the June 2007 edition of CM. CM reviews "Canadiana of interest to children and young adults, including publications produced in Canada, or published elsewhere but of special interest or significance to Canada ... " and the reviewer ranked Righteous Anger as suitable for children over the age of 13. Although written as adult entertainment, I've been delighted to find the books appeal to bright, imaginative young people. It is good to have a reviewer of children's books give Righteous Anger his attention. The best part, for me, was his conclusion: "Warning, it is a complex tale so you will have to pay attention; you can't just skip your way through it. If you do take the time and are a lover of the fantasy/science fiction genre, you will be rewarded." And the RECOMMENDED status he gave it, of course. :-)

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