Monday, October 08, 2007
The Political Is Personal, September 30, 2007
By D. Horne (Prince George, B.C.) - See all my reviews

RIGHTEOUS ANGER, the second book in Lynda Williams' Okal Rel Universe, highlights tensions between father and son. As we follow the son, Horth, on his journey we are drawn into a universe where Nesaks want to unite with Nersallians, English is a dead language, Amel is mind-raped by Reetions, soul-theft and man-rape occur. As always, Williams depicts duels convincingly and illustrates how tensions between houses are mirrored on the home front. The personal is political and the political is, in the end, personal as Horth has to decide what is really righteous anger and at what cost. The author maintains suspense and tension not only in each scene but also within and between characters. Like all good science fiction/fantasy authors, Williams gives us a lens to re-examine our world: "... he did not see how they could ever teach the Reetions to live within the limitations set by Okal Rel if they started by breaking their own laws to conquer them!" (292). Throughout the book, there are frequent reminders that there is a need to move beyond differences and determine what unites diverse groups.

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