Saturday, December 08, 2007

Three cheers for Gary Renshaw, the voice, video and project talent behind the launch of the first "Flight Cycle" story on

Our goal is to do about one a month, soliciting art to illustrate each installment. Plan to have some web pages up explaining details by the end of the holidays. In the meantime, anyone who knows an artist who might like to contribute should contact Gary Renshaw at

Hiding Low takes place between the end of Pretenders (coming from Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing in the fall of 2008) and Throne Price, already in print. It is the story of Amel trying to hide among commoners and low lifes of the empire. If all goes well, when I am done with Hiding Low, I will start the second story of the "Flight Cycle". There are three, all together, which cover Amel's adventures on the run from Ev'rel after stealing baby Erien, the "Throne Price".

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