Thursday, February 21, 2008
Detail from Duckon homepage 2008
Below is how Dave Anderson explained the Golden Duck nomination to EDGE publicist Justyn Perry. The award is given out at Duckon June 13-15, 2008.

"Righteous Anger is being considered for Hal Clement (Young Adult Award) This award is named after Hal Clement, the pen name of Harry Stubbs, who was a well known science fiction writer and science teacher. He helped children's science fiction programming wherever he went and was an all-round nice guy. The award is for science fiction books of grades 6-12 that have a young adult protagonist. The science should be as correct as possible, but still a good story. - DGA Feb 08"

The excitement in Horth's life spans his teenage years, starting at eleven years of age, although he is physically an eighteen-year-old at that age being as Vrellish as he is. The Vrellish grow up fast, physically. I guess a lot of kids these days feel they've grown up fast, too, where sex and violence are concerned.

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