Thursday, February 28, 2008
Science and Morality in the ORU

Lynda Williams giving away books Feb 26, 2008
I had fun explaining the nature of reality skimming and the moral problem of social control it poses for societies dependent on it, at the math and physics symposium organized by Hal Friesen. I hope the audience of serious math and physics students enjoyed the fiction break and returned, refreshed, to the scientific presentation. I couldn't coax this audience to read, but I managed to give away books in exchange for questions. Lynda Williams describing how the origins of the Okal Rel Universe at science symposium at UNBC Feb 26, 2008 Unlike an SF crowd, this group had no trouble imagining there could be social control mechanisms for the safe use of a potentially destructive but essential technology. Much thanks to those who got in the spirit of it with me, including the two writers who attended. Special thanks to organizer Hal Friesen for agreeing to take pictures.

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