Sunday, May 25, 2008
Update on BIG MOVE
Update on Big Move Okal Rel UniverseDear all - wanted to show you I'm not idle even if I'm being sluggardly responding to an e-mail or delivering something I promised. The image is a shot of catalog entries I am working on for Justyn, for the Okal Rel Universe Collection. It took my whole morning writing up a new bio, descriptions for just two of the books, a new intro and documenting a few permissions et al. I'll share stuff in progress on the friends mailing list a couple times a week, which is working but David and I haven't scrounged the time, yet, to sort out names and e-mail addresses to help people sign up again. If you know you should be on it (because you were on the list before or are involved as an artist, writer, editor, distributor of goodies, author-surrogate, fan writer/artist, organizer-interested-in-ORU, or supporter for promo materials) but you aren't on it yet, and you don't want to wait until we get to you at our end, let myself and david know: that's either david or lynda (respectively) (at)

PS there is also a news list for the ORU on google which anyone can join. That's a good way for new commers to get to know us. The friends list is invitation only. Any perceived unfriendlieness towards previous friends should be taken as a symptom of lack of time and technical fuss, however, not an attempt to exclude anyone already "in the loop". :-)

PPS The third anthology isn't listed in the screen shot, but it's on our minds. Jennifer Sparling is working with me closely on it. We have the art, and we are driving to get all five stories edited.


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