Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Catherine Reads Courtesan Prince
Reader response from Catherine on facebook May and June, 2008
Amel is grateful for Catherine's sympathy. Lynda was most pleased to sign her copy of Courtesan Prince. Ranar wouldn't know what to do about another frequent visitor to the Lott household, named Holly, who is "into" him. So I haven't told him. I don't think he'd mind particularly but he might want to study the phenomenon. Tegan is doing a portrait of a Silver Demish princess for an art project, with organic elements like wood in the background and wearing a string of pearls. Angela is advising characters in Righteous Anger about how to conduct their lives better whenever I get a chance to read her the next installment. Mel has done some new chibbie cartoons which are posted by the computer upstairs in the Lott house. Jennifer Lott is home for a visit and has promised to read the gang a new chapter of her second novel in the Drescopata series. She brought Angela the game, Catan, for her birthday and we all played it last night. Tegan and Jennifer teamed up to wipe out myself, David and Angela.

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