Tuesday, July 08, 2008
google map for Mansfield College Oxford Back from Mansfield College, Oxford, where I gave a paper at the interdisciplinary.net conference on Visions of Humanity. Met interesting people I will introduce, here, as I review my memories with the help of pictures now on the camera David has with him in the Isle of Wight. Told people about the Okal Rel Universe. Experienced the charm and peculiarity of being in an old, old place. Volunteered to be part of interdisciplinary.net in some capacity or another in the future. And clarified my own mission as a writer in the process of writing the draft paper although my experience in presenting it reminded me of my first attempt at writing Second Contact, the original working title for what became the The Courtesan Prince), where I tried to squish the whole saga into one book. The paper will have to be reduced and focused more tightly for the purposes of publication in e-format which will be a useful exercise in precision. But I will use the ideas I got in touch with by writing it in other ways, too.


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