Sunday, August 24, 2008
Lynda and the Okal Rel Universe in the program at Conversion 24 Pleased to have a half-page spread in the program for Conversion 24. It wasn't a large turn out this year but we had good people-times at the bar and it was awesome to see the growing display of ORU books at the Edge table in the dealer's room. It was fun to have Tegan and Mel there, too. They even dressed up for the ORU event and joined us in the bar - for Shirly Temples in their case. Justyn Perry had out the first Absolute XPress catalog which includes two of the ORU anthologies, thus far, and three of my novellas. Making progress with Craig Bowlsby's novella and the third anthology. See David's choices of all the pictures we took on my Con's Attended Page for ConVersion 24.

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