Thursday, October 16, 2008
SF Creatives
Twelve of us turned up at Books & Co for the first meeting of the SF Creatives - a reading, writing, art and discussion group focused on genre fields like science fiction, fantasy and its ilk. We are less worried about definitions than a shared spirit of enjoying and discovering each other's work and interests. SF Creatives is hosted by myself and Nathalie Mallet at Books & Company. Most of last night's readings were from the ORU or Nathalie's novel Princes of the Golden Cage, but Rachel - who attended with her father Kirk - also read from a fantasy title with the word "Wind" in its name which was by an author who attended VCON, Nathalie told me, and whose name I can't remember. Grr. Help, anyone? (Help provided in comments: Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind.) One artist put in an appearance - thank you Gareth. A couple of attendees were deviants (i.e. members of Deviant Art). Angie picked the section of Righteous Anger that I read aloud. She recommended the arena scene on SanHome where Horth proves his genius with a sword despite his ill-advised decision not to wear a fencing mask. Nicole read the 'How to deal with real girls' passage between Chester and Von in The Courtesan Prince. Kirk Morgan read the opening of Princes of the Golden Cage, where Amir is drawn into a magical murder investigation despite his preference for scientific explanations. Kim, of Books & Company, sat in. She writes fantasy. Three parent-child groups of two or three attended including myself and Angie, Nicole and parents and the Morgans, which I find sort of special. Kim was a nifty discovery. Some good discussion took place with some mutual questions and answers. Which is what art is all about for me - exploring how we cope with life.

We'll be creating a mailing list for the group. Anyone interested in being on it should notify

Next meetings are: Wednesday Nov 12, 7-9 pm and Wednesday December 10, 7-9 pm.

We plan to continue in 2009 with a new set of dates.

Many thanks to Books and Company for letting us take over Cafe Voltaire for the evening.

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This would make a great cross-posting at!
By all means! I'll let David know.
Rachel's choice was Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind. :)

Great night! I look forward to next month (though I think I'll skip the shift and just attend).
Thank you for the title! I'll go put it into the main entry, as well.
Many thanks to Nathalie for catching my typo re: the dates of future events!

Hey Lynda,

The first SF creatives evening was SUPER fun! I'm
really looking forward to the next one. Oh, here's the
answer of the question you asked on you last post. The
book is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Also
I noticed that you scheduled two meeting in Dec(a typo
I'm sure). I have Nov 10 in my notes.

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