Sunday, November 30, 2008
Marie Bilodeau
Marie Simonne Bilodeau

Marie Bilodeau will be starting work, in Jan 2009, on an Okal Rel Legacies title containing a collection of interviews with Friends of the Okal Rel Universe and other interesting people whose paths have intersected the saga's growing foot print in the world. Marie and I met at World Fantasy Con in Calgary and hit it off. In responding to my great pleasure at her decision, she also let slip that she will be appearing in the Absolute XPress line up as an author of her own, unrelated work of fiction, Princess of Light. She said it in such a lovely way I couldn't repress the itch to cite her word for word:

My turn to be melodramatic, but you are an inspiration to me. Book 1 of my trilogy (Princess of Light) is coming out from Absolute XPress in march, and I'm thrilled to be sharing space with some Okal Rel books. Speaks highly, I find.

(Marie Bilodeau, e-mail message, Nov 30, 2008)


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