Friday, November 14, 2008
SF Creatives Nov 2008
SF Creatives Night with authors Lynda Williams and Nathalie Mallet Nov 2008 at Books & Co in Prince George Had a fun time at the SF Creatives night at Books & Co in Prince George, on Wednesday night Nov 12. We had readings from Nathalie Mallet's book
Princes of the Golden Cage
, Righteous Anger by myself, creative writing from Nicole and a first taste of the tooth fairy "Fay'dora" ... I'm probably not spelling that right! I read a pogo stick piece from the second volume of the Medicine Show books from RedJack Press. Michelle Milburn brought some gorgeous art work undertaken as a challenge to do work on 100 different themes. I should have got permission to share one of them here! Should have kept notes, too. Grr. We got no picture of Paul Strickland or our Books & Co. attendee who we are very happy to have sit in. Holly evades the camera as well, I discovered, and we captured only the back of Mel’s head. David Lott dropped in, as well, before the end. A nice group, growing comfortably. We have time for lots of socializing between and after the show-and-tell segments.

Wow! Great photo montage, Lynda! Love it! What a delightful evening that was. I'm looking forward to the next.

Hi Lynda,

I had a great time as well! See you at December's Creative!

Feel free to swipe whatever you want from me for your blog. Here's a link to the finished "Seeking Solace":
Thanks Michelle! You rock.
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