Friday, December 12, 2008
Christina Rundle intrigued by ORU Another blogger discovers the ORU.

" ...I was given one book, "The Courtesan Prince," written by Lynda Williams and I'm so intrigued with all these things going on in the book. She's Sci-Fi and I think now that my interest has shifted to that realm. I've lost interest in the Urban Fantasy, Paranormal region. I do like the space ships and outer space now. So it surprised me, because the first couple of chapters I was trying to think who would want this book when I was finished, but believe it or not, this book is going back on my shelf as a future "reread." Yeah, I think it's THAT great. On top of that, I rarely read sequels because there are just so many books to read, but I will be reading her second book, also given to me.

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